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Posted by George White on November 30, 2023 | Last Updated: January 15, 2024 Uncategorized

Valentine’s Day Tips for Gifting Statement Flowers to Him

Fresh flowers are universally adored, as confirmed by behavioral research, irrespective of someone’s gender, age or background. They’re known to boost our well-being, fostering happiness and connections with our loved ones. Flowers also create inviting indoor environments that encourage gatherings and meaningful interactions. Coupled with the nostalgic memories many have of childhood blooms, you have every reason to gift your partner a bouquet this Valentine’s Day. At Morningside Florist in Rancho Cordova, California, we’re delighted to assist you in choosing the perfect arrangement for the man you love because everyone deserves the joy of flowers.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are a favorite for Valentine’s Day arrangements because of their array of colors, from passionate reds to cheerful yellows and bold oranges. This diverse color palette allows you to send a personalized message via symbolism, or choose his preferred shade. Additionally, these blooms were the flowers used in a study that revealed their ability to enhance men’s communication skills, fostering better body language and eye contact.


Anthuriums are well-known for their durability, making them a robust and dependable option for floral designs. Their capacity to maintain freshness and vibrancy symbolizes the enduring bond in your relationship as you progress as partners. With their bright colors, spanning from white to pink to red, anthuriums are an excellent addition to Valentine’s Day bouquets; these shades embody timeless romantic energy. Along with their graceful heart-shaped blooms, anthuriums clearly express your love.

Birds of Paradise

If you aim to inject adventure into your partner’s Valentine’s Day arrangement, consider showcasing a bird of paradise. While this choice might deviate from the norm, its lively energy will likely resonate with him, particularly if he’s inclined toward out-of-the-box thinking. Furthermore, the tropical essence of the bird of paradise, along with its striking orange, yellow, and purple shades, tends to suit men’s aesthetics. In short, these untamed blooms are simply irresistible, adding happiness and warmth to floral compositions.

Red Roses

Red roses are among the most popular blooms worldwide for several well-established reasons. No other flower can rival the romantic symbolism of red roses, a tradition spanning centuries if not millennia. They also convey gratitude, admiration, and profound respect for someone you love. Aesthetically, their abundant petals and delightful scent make them a favorite flower for creatives, inspiring their popularity in artwork. Because of all these reasons, surprising your significant other on Valentine’s Day with a fresh bouquet of red roses is a no-brainer.


Orchids — especially white ones — are renowned for their calming properties, but their diversity goes beyond color and meaning. These tropical flowers come in thousands of varieties, offering differences in color, size, pattern, and shape. You can opt for a single orchid type or create a unique message by mixing and matching based on symbolism and hue. While we recommend red orchids for a romantic Valentine’s Day arrangement, all types of these flowers are lovely and impactful.

Flowers are the best Valentine’s Day gesture for men, promoting love, positivity, and, of course, romance. They’re good for his health and will make his day fun and memorable. Trust Morningside Florist to help you choose an arrangement that will make a lasting impression.

60% of men would love to receive a bouquet of blooms