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Posted by George White on March 14, 2023 Uncategorized

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Matching Spring Flowers to Mom’s Persona

Mother’s Day is just over the horizon, a holiday when we strive to show the wonderful moms in our life how influential and appreciated they are. Moms remind us of our favorite flowers with their natural beauty and grace; because of this, we at Morningside Florist believe they each deserve a thoughtfully curated bouquet of blooms to celebrate their individuality and poise. Our seasoned floral experts have artfully and thoughtfully created a list of flowers that praise some of the many types of moms out there, from the workout mom to the plant mom.

The Workout Mom

The workout mom is bustling and always full of energy, as well as strong and confident in all that she does. She knows that exercise is an essential part of her self-care routine, and encourages others to follow her lead. Like an orange lily she embodies pride, confidence, and courage. And, like the yellow lily — which symbolizes happiness, friendship, and health — the workout mom blooms with vivacious beauty. Try to keep up!

The PTA Mom

PTA moms have non-stop energy, which they devote to the service of others, especially their children. They also want to be the person teachers call on when they need a hand. This charitable attitude is mirrored by tulips, which represent selflessness, elegance, beauty, perfection, and unconditional love. Tulips bloom in a host of colors, too, making it easy to customize a bouquet that will suit her unique preferences. These beauties are also the ideal Mother’s Day flowers to show your PTA mom just how much she is respected and admired.

The New Mom

New moms experience some of the most intense and exhausting emotions that a mother will feel in her lifetime — and they certainly deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day for the love and dedication that they give to their newest family member. To that end, carnations are a fitting tribute to this mom, symbolizing her love for her young ones. Pair these classic beauties with baby’s breath, which will add a sweet, fresh, and tender touch that will bring a smile to any new mom’s face on Mother’s Day. What better way to let her know the long nights and non-stop days are all seriously worth it?

The Coffee Mom

Like Lorelei Gilmore, the coffee mom is seldom seen without her beloved cup of java each morning. Her regular caffeine fix is what allows her to seize each day with gusto. This Mother’s Day, then, honor the coffee mom you love with spray roses, a flower that exudes classic boho vibes. They also manifest an artistic and creative energy that will remind her of her place to caffeinate and get things done: her neighborhood coffee shop. Such a bouquet is the perfect expression of admiration and gratitude for the mom in your life who swears by the power of the bean.

The Plant Mom

It’s no secret that the plant mom loves being immersed in nature more than anything else. She also has a powerful green thumb that gives her a special connection to the plants she’s tended to since they were just seedlings. For this lover of all things green on Mother’s Day, azaleas are a surefire way to celebrate her almost magical connection with nature. Additionally, azaleas are a revered symbol of femininity, beauty, grace, and gentleness — all qualities that make the plant mom the wonderful earth goddess that she is.

No matter what category your mom falls into, there is no doubt a bold, fresh, and gorgeous flower that suits her personality perfectly. So on Mother’s Day, take some time to celebrate her compassion, creativity, and selflessness. You won’t miss the mark with the brilliant and breathtaking blooms Morningside Florist offers you, proudly serving Rancho Cordova for 35 years.