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Posted by George White on January 24, 2023 Uncategorized

Fun Surprises for Your Best Buds on Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in grade school taught us how to honor our friends and that “love” is defined in many different kinds of ways. Many of us fondly reminisce on exchanging colorful valentines that depicted popular cartoons and cute sayings like “BFFs 4 Ever,” Thank You for Being a Friend,” and “U Rock.” As adults, Valentine’s Day revolves around romance. However, it is still fun and important to commemorate other “loves” in our lives, from our best girls and guy friends to our coworkers and neighbors who make our lives better. Everyone deserves that small reminder on Valentine’s Day that they are loved, too. Here at Morningside Florist, the top flower shop in Sacramento, we are sharing the best Valentine’s Day flowers that are appropriate to send to just about everyone.

How to Select a Fun Valentine’s Day Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

Sending love to your bestie on Valentine’s Day is a sweet way to spread warmth and positivity. Instead of gifting them a dozen red romantic roses, choose cheerful and sunny yellow roses to signify your friendship. Other beautiful blooms your BFF will enjoy are sunflowers, orchids, hydrangeas, and alstroemeria since they symbolize support, admiration, loyalty, unity, friendship, and family.

Gift Ideas for the Girls

Galentine’s Day is a day for the girls! This pre-Valentine’s Day event is perfect for showering your gals with love and, of course, fresh blooms. As you plan a cheesy movie marathon, Galentine’s brunch, or GNO (girl’s night out), create an alluring ambiance with colorful floral bouquets. Of course, yellow is an obvious choice, as described above, but you can also turn to pink stems to signify femininity and grace, blue stems for serenity and peace, purple stems for elegance and refinement, or green stems for luck and harmony.

Gift Ideas for Men

A traditional and predictable Valentine’s Day gift for a man looks like a new collection of golf balls, a punny coffee mug or desk plaque, or aromatic cologne. This year, try gifting him the unexpected. A flower arrangement is certainly not an obvious choice, but trust us when we say that even guys cannot resist fresh blooms. If you’re unsure which flowers the men in your life will enjoy, start with a colorful flowering plant like an orchid, peace lily, or birds of paradise.

Gift Ideas for Couples

Why not help the people you love celebrate their love for each other? We all know a “model couple” that we look up to, who restores our faith in humanity, and gives us a genuine example of a strong, loving, and healthy relationship. Send your friends who are recently engaged, newlyweds, or simply the best a special bouquet of white and red roses with stargazer lilies. This thoughtful gesture won’t go unnoticed or underappreciated. If you want to make their Valentine’s Day even more special, pair a fresh bouquet with another meaningful gift.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!” Mr. Rogers taught us at a young age the value of being a good neighbor and having good neighbors. There is nothing we love more than trustworthy, kind, and caring neighbors who are always willing to lend a hand. It truly enhances our quality of life! This Valentine’s Day, send your appreciation and love to your neighbors with fresh flowers. Whether you know their favorite flower or color or want to symbolize your gratitude for their sweetness with peach blooms, a fresh bouquet will warm their heart.

Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Studies show that plants can enhance our productivity by 15%. With that in mind, can you think of a more thoughtful and loving gift for your co-workers than a flowering plant or fresh-cut blooms for Valentine’s Day? After spending most days working on projects and chatting together, co-workers might be some of your closest friends that deserve thoughtful and loving recognition. Bring a vibrant green plant or orange flowers that symbolize success and enthusiasm to the office this Valentine’s Day.

Flowers are the ideal go-to gift for anyone you love to like this Valentine’s Day. In addition to their symbolism, natural beauty, and fragrance, you can pick floral bouquets that land perfectly in your budget, whether classic styles or luxurious designs. Flowers can also be personalized with specific stems or a sweet love note to send a flawless message. Select your favorite Valentine’s Day blooms for all the loves in your life here at Morningside Florist in Sacramento.