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Posted by George White on October 10, 2023 Uncategorized

Five Festive Times to Gift Holiday Flower Design Workshops

While writing your shopping list this holiday season, skip physical presents that tend to accumulate dust. Instead, welcome the growing trend of giving experiences to loved ones rather than material things. The holiday season provides ideal opportunities to join this movement, and floral design classes are the perfect way to bring coworkers, family, and friends together. Dive into the world of making beautiful flower arrangements together, strengthening your bonds, and fostering camaraderie and creativity. Connect with Morningside Florist, the top shop in Rancho Cordova, California, for fantastic suggestions to make this season memorable.

After the Thanksgiving Feast

Shopping on Black Friday is a classic American tradition, much like enjoying a slice of Thanksgiving apple pie. But why spend time acquiring material things you may not need? Instead, spend quality time with your loved ones and join a floral design class — a top-notch experience gift. These workshops let you tap into your creativity, share cherished family stories, and have a good laugh. When Sunday arrives and everyone resumes their usual routines, they’ll have a lovely handcrafted flower arrangement to add freshness and festivity to their spaces.

Before the Family Comes Over for Christmas Dinner

Hosting loved ones during the holidays is a cherished tradition, but it can get quite busy if you’re unprepared. However, that shouldn’t mean you can’t find some time to unwind before the big gatherings commence. Strike a balance by joining a floral design workshop; it offers a chance to relax and tap into your creativity while crafting holiday centerpieces or handmade gifts for your meal hosts. Combine wintry white blooms with vibrant red accent flowers and seasonal elements. Alternatively, try your hand at making floral crowns as a substitute for the traditional paper versions used in British custom. Relax, follow the florist’s guidance, and you’ll have one more task checked off your list.

When You’re Ready for a New Kwanzaa Tradition

Core Kwanzaa values include unity, purpose, and creativity, making activities that promote these principles great experience gifts for both kids and adults on the occasion. A flower design workshop is particularly fitting as it encourages the entire family to collaborate on an artistic project, resulting in something beautiful. Specifically, you can create flower arrangements in Kwanzaa’s signature hues – red, black, and green – to place beside the kinara and enhance the atmosphere. Incorporate traditional fruits and vegetables like apples and corn to embrace the Kwanzaa spirit fully. Coming together to work as a team while sharing stories and laughter can also be a wonderful bonding experience.

When Your Friends Want to Celebrate Together

The holiday season keeps us busy with office gatherings and friend’s parties. Regardless of the occasion, adding a floral design activity can bring a new and delightful dimension to the celebration. You can check if your local florist can host the event at their shop or have them come to your home during your holiday gathering to lead a class. Everyone can collaborate on a project or divide into groups to create bouquets to match their preferences. Throw in some snacks and drinks, and you’ll have a real party.

When You’re Out of Gift Ideas for Mom

Finding the right gift for everyone on your holiday list can be a challenge, especially for moms who seem to have it all or say they do. In such cases, consider an experience gift because creating memories with loved ones resonates with every mom. A floral design workshop during the week between Christmas and New Year’s can perfectly fill that “in-between” time. It offers a chance for them to enjoy their favorite drink and put their artistic talents to work crafting a stunning bouquet of blooms.

Here at Morningside Florist, we’re excited to share the joy of flowers with you and your loved ones this holiday season. A floral design class is the key to unlocking a world of creativity and merriment, making your celebrations genuinely unforgettable.

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